KOSHER FOR PASSOVER (NON-GEBRUCHTS) Mini Elegant Pops - Assorted Sorbet Flavors- 30 Per Box

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30 Per Box

Now KOSHER FOR PASSOVER! From our signature line of Elegant Pops, we made an assortment of our flavors for you!

This box contains 6 of each of these sorbet flavors: Strawberry Puree Sorbet, Mango Puree Sorbet, Strawberry Lychee Puree Sorbet, Orange Creamsicle, and Raspberry Lemon Puree Sorbet!

Now you can taste an array of our refreshing and mouthwatering popsicle flavors! 

Allergen Information: Lactose/Dairy Free | Contains Eggs | Contains Nuts | Manufactured in facility that processes tree nuts and eggs.

Kosher Information: Kosher Parve for PASSOVER - NON-GEBRUCHTS certified under the supervision of Rabbi Binyomin Gruber.