How Do We Ship Our Frozen Desserts?

Jan 17th 2019

When will my order arrive? 

If you are located in the tristate area then you can choose Ground Shipping to receive the order the very next day!  No need to pay for overnight or 2 day shipping :) 

How do we ship?

We use Fedex to ship all our orders. We do not deliver orders. We usually ship Mondays-Wednesdays. With special permission from customers we will ship on Thursdays for customers who want to receive orders before Shabbos. 

How will my order arrive?

All our products are shipped frozen in specially designed packaging to safely transport our products. All ice cream and bakery products are shipped with dry ice to ensure freshness and preserve flavor. 

All orders come with instructions on how to handle and dispose of any remaining dry ice in the box. Be sure to use gloves or a towel when handling dry ice. Do not touch with your bare hands as it can burn. 

What is Dry Ice?

Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the air we exhale when we breathe. When CO2 gas is constricted it turns solid. 

Why do we use Dry Ice?

We use dry ice because it lasts much longer than normal ice and is much much colder. This means that we can ship across the United States and be sure that our perishable frozen and bakery products arrive in perfect condition for our customers. 

Why wasn't any Dry Ice remaining when my package arrived?

Sometimes, especially in warm weather, there will be no dry ice in your box. Don't worry, this is because dry ice has very special properties. Because it is originally carbon dioxide gas, it doesn't melt like regular ice into water, but evaporates back into air. Depending on where you are located, we use 24 hours-48 hours dry ice in the shipment, so sometimes no dry ice remains. However, because dry ice is so cold it can keep items frozen even after it evaporates. So, you can just take your order and pop it into the freezer until you're ready to serve!